25-30 août 2024 Les Houches (France)

NEPQMD 25-30 August 2024

In the past years, quantum non-equilibrium systems emerged as a new major research arena, promising to assist in the current development of new quantum technologies and to shine a new light on disparate fields of theoretical and experimental physics, from black holes to condensed matter and statistical physics. In systems with many interacting components, quantum dynamics has proven to be extremely rich, with, in particular, the following main novel fields of research:


  •  Systems undergoing unitary dynamics can develop different “quasiclassical” hydrodynamic behaviour at large scales, depending on their symmetries and the observables of interest, which lead to the novel theories of generalised hydrodynamics, hydrodynamics of operator spreading, fracton hydrodynamics, emergent KPZ equation, hydrodynamics of entanglement.


  •  The interplay of unitary dynamics with external monitoring or dissipative interactions has brought new exotic phases of matter on the theoretical and experimental table: measurement-induced phase transitions, time crystals, dissipation-induced topological and strongly correlated states. 

This workshop aims at gathering the major experts in these fields, under the common hat of emergent quantum dynamics, sitting at the intersection of different communities and research group in theoretical and experimental physics around the world.

 PhD students and PostDocs are welcome to apply with contributed poster.  

Conference fee will be around 550 euros (all included), with possibility of (limited) financial assistance for PhD and Postdocs.  

 Application deadline May 1st 2024 


Invited Speakers 

Ehud Altman (Berkeley, USA)

Alvise Bastianello (Munich, Germany)

Isabelle Bouchoule (Paris-Saclay, France)

Bruno Bertini (Nottingham, UK)

Vir Bulchandani (Princeton, USA)

Pieter Claeys (MPIPKS Dresden, Germany)

Xiangyu Cao (ENS Paris, France)

Anushya Chandran (Boston University, USA)

Frédéric Chevy (ENS Paris, France)

Sara Murciano (Caltech, USA)

Marco Schirò (Collège de France, France)

Fabian Essler (Oxford, UK)

Sarang Gopalakrishnan (Princeton, USA)

Wen Wei Ho (Singapore)

Enej Ilievski (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Tony Jin (Nice, France)

Zala Lenarčič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Andreas W.W. Ludwig (UC Santa Barbara, USA)

Leonardo Mazza (Paris-Saclay, France)

Frederik Møller (Atominstitut Vienna, Austria)

Zlatko Papić (Leeds, UK)

Silvia Pappalardi (Uni Koeln, Germany)

Lorenzo Piroli (Bologna, Italy)

Frank Pollmann (Munich, Germany)

Federica Surace (Caltech, USA)

Spyros Sotiriadis (University of Crete, Greece)

Sarang Gopalakrishnan (Princeton, USA)

Andrea de Luca (Cergy-Pontoise, France)

Benjamin Doyon (King’s College London, UK)

Vedika Khemani (Stanford, USA)





Jacopo De Nardis (CY Paris University)

Jérôme Dubail (Université de Lorraine)

Katja Klobas (University of Nottingham)

Romain Vasseur (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

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